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 Taiwan Young LinXing Technology Co. Ltd. was established  in 1993 which specialized in design, manufacturing and selling  different kinds of cooling fans for CPU, precision instruments, automobiles, electrical appliances etc. Our products enjoyed good reputation worldwide, especially in the countries and regions in south-east Asia. Throughout over 20 years development, Taiwan Yong Lin Tech has been established four subsidiaries  in China.
   ◆Yong Lin Xing Electronics(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd was founded in 1994.
   ◆Suzhou Kingmot Electronics Co.,Ltd was founded in 1996.
   ◆Zhi Xuan Electronics(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd was founded in 2003.
   ◆Suzhou Yong Lin Xing Plastic Co.,Ltd was founded in 2006.
  The group has more than 100 R&D engineers located in Shenzhen,Taiwan and Suzhou companies, the product  research and design capabilities covering all series of  DC fans ,air-blowers, heat radiators and the AC fans. In order to meet the demand from various industries, the products classified by the functions as well as PWM impulse regulating speed, lock alarm, temperature control, FG square wave blue speed, moisture proof and dust proof etc.

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